10 vloggers and bloggers to follow if you dream about family travel.

I don’t think it’s anything unusual to see another blogger write that they spend a disproportionate amount of their day dreaming about travel; it is slightly more unique perhaps, to know that I have loved travelling more since I had my children.

BeFunky Collage3_23.jpg

Yes the plane journey can be stressful, the new food a challenge to your toddler negotiation skills and beaches anything but relaxing, but seeing a new place through the eyes of a child brings out the magic ten fold.

Watching family travel vloggers and reading the blogs of adventurous families is one of my favourite pastimes. Here’s a round up of the best out there, in case you too want to while away some hours dreaming up your next trip with your mini-yous.

The Bucket List Family 


Without a doubt the most adorable and wonderful family to subscribe to if you want to travel the world with your toddlers. Garret, Jessica, Dorothy and Manilla have been all over the world and have made their vlog their careers. Between the cute ‘cooking corner’ in different countries and the jaw-dropping drone shots, you’ll wish you were where they are and probably, hanging out with them.

Our Next Adventure 


Our Next Adventure is a new blog written by Mum Laura and following her adventures with daughter Evelyn and husband Matt. What I love about this blog is how practical it is. There are so many tips for family travel including an excellent Step by Step guide on planning a family trip that you can find here

Ellie Steadman


This isn’t a family vlog per se, but if your family travel dreams include anything Disney you need to check her out. Ellie has created great planning videos and diaries from the parks and she’s now living out her dream as a cast member at Disney world, so no doubt soon we’ll get to see some videos from that perspective too! 

Our Globetrotters


Our Globetrotters is more than a blog, it’s a community; one that help families plan and live out their travel dreams. They’re currently living the expat life in Abu Dhabi and sharing tips and advice from their own and other expat families across the globe. 

Gone with the Wynns 


Double treat: vloggers and bloggers Jason and Nikki Wynn have been living the nomadic lifestyle with their two fur babies since Feb 2011. First they RVd across The States and now they’re sailing a catamaran across the world. On the blog they even have a make money and travel series full of helpful tips that will get you away from your desk and abroad with your family. 

5 Globetrotters 


5 Globetrotters have made it their mission to world school their 3 kids, whilst on a budget. Helpfully, this Canadian couple have organised their adventures by dollars spent, so you can spend your own money in your head… or in reality… 

Hey Nadine


Hey Nadine is one of the most fun and playful travel vloggers out there. She focuses her content on solo travellers but with videos such as Fairy hunting in Kejimkujik you’ll be sure to find new visions for your family travels too. 

Mums do travel


Mums do travel is a fantastic blog for anyone that needs a bit of inspiration for travelling with teens. Gretta Schifano has an eye on luxury family travel as well as excellent ideas for U.K. locals such as 5 of the best: UK castles for family stays

The Sundance Family


Travel vlogging veterans, this German expat family started making videos 8 years ago. They’re super healthy and their travel vlogs are complimented by content about GMO free and the raw food diet. They’re also prolific bloggers and you can read all about their world schooling adventures and inspiring lifestyle here



Globetotting really focuses in on adventures with your young family. Their ’10 things to do with kids in…’ series is fantastic and will give you so many trips to add to your bucket list. Their photography is gorgeous and the site really flows so you can find any content that matches your particular wanderlust really quickly.  

Which are your favourite vlogs and blogs?

I hope reading through my list has inspired you to check out some new content as well as some new countries. I feel like there’s a serious gap in the market for some more family travel vloggers, please let me know in the comments if there are some that I’m missing!


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