5 family friendly cafes in & around Greenwich, London. 

There’s a definite sweet spot when it comes to family friendly cafes. You want changing tables, happy staff and strong  coffee, whilst avoiding anywhere that makes you feel like you’ve become an extra on a cbeebies TV show. 
Maternity leave has been a great opportunity for me to hunt down some lovely cafes in my local area. Let me know if there are others I should discover!

1. Pistachios in the Park. East Greenwich Pleasaunce. 🖱@lizziepistachio

If you love village life and a sense of community, this is the place for you. Tucked into the back of East Greenwich pleasaunce. There’s an excellent selection of cakes and a whole cupboard full of toys for little hands to get a hold of. 

2. Mousetail Coffee Stories. Deptford. 🖱@mousetailcoffee At first look it appears a bit too trendy to be family friendly. You know when you think ‘hey, these hipsters are not going to appreciate my screaming baby’. Not so. Our order of two huge lattes came with a delicious babyccino for the little one, on the house.

3. M&S Cafe, Charlton Shopping Park. What keeps me coming back here is the staff. They have got to be the friendliest for miles. That and the M&S carrot cake, which I begrudgingly share with my daughter.

4. Age Concern. Blackheath Village.It seems locals either know and love this place, or have never heard of it. Voted Blackheaths best cafe by Timeout London, there’s a chalkboard for kids on the top floor and a full on library on the ground floor. the whole place has been designed to be wheelchair friendly which means it’s also pram friendly, including the suntrap terrace at the back.

5. The Scullery. Blackheath Royal Standard. 🖱 @scullerycafe Can you say pancakes? They are seriously delicious here. Fluffy and light with fruit or bacon and the staff happily constructed an ‘everything separate’ plate for my four year old. They also indulged my love for pretty coffee with some beautiful latte art.

Wishing you all caffeine fueled, family friendly Greenwich fun… 


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